SlideWeaver transforms your Salesforce objects, data, reports into dynamic awesome presentations, that updates automatically.

Let the data tell your story

Real-time data integration

Substance matters. No stale data or useless graphics

Users focus on communicating substance and as much detailed information and data as they wish. All while creating beautiful creative presentations that allows you to engage in meaningful discussions and decision making. There is no need to spend precious time trying to figure out how to show limited sets of data thru static images or visual art that is never accurate or up to date. SlideWeaver takes care of refreshing the appropriate data while respecting appropriate access permissions, roles and security.

Think of SlideWeaver as a hybrid between PowerPoint, Prezi, Reporting Dashboards, and Data Exploration that has the best of all worlds. However, SlideWeaver is 100% Web, 100% Embedded, 100% Realtime, 100% Easy to use and 100% awesome.


Natively on Salesforce

Presentation interactivity revolutionize the way you tell stories

Humans communicate most effectively thru storytelling and interactivity. SlideWeaver is the only solution that brings the wealth of data and information stored in Salesforce to life in slides and constructs that are highly configurable and offer real-time interactivity with end users. The end results are nonlinear advanced presentations with the ability to explore, interact and visualize data, relationships, and information. The beauty of it all, is that once you create the presentation and its associated data, it will update and adjust itself automatically aftwards continuously.


Multiple device support

Multiple device support with enterprise grade security

SlideWeaver is born in the Cloud from the ground up and architected to evolve with it. It is highly secure in all its modes and allows you to use its advanced features and capabilities on your Desktop, Tablet or Phone with predictable consistent user experience. It is highly secure in all its modes including its offline sharing capabilities.


Only with SlideWeaver you can

Instantly give users the power to tap the goldmine of information locked in Salesforce.
Security and scale with built in analysis and metrics to improve execution and guide best practises.
Create non linear powerful and interactive presentation for all aspects of your business needs.
Powerful unparalleled features. Instantly visualize data, relationships, location and status.
Install and configure in minutes. Fully flexible and customize-able by end user.
Share and track your presentations externally with customers, partners, & prospects
Design, share and collaborate on your presentations natively within Salesforce.
Works on all standard and custom object types in Salesforce. Unlimited use case potential.

Top 12 reasons SlideWeaver for Salesforce is awesome

The only end-to-end presentation solution native on the Salesforce cloud with real-time data update