Calxtechnology About Us


As CTO and co-founder, Sreenivas is responsible for overall technology and architecture of Calxtechnology products. With over 17 years of engineering and software development experience, Sreenivas was instrumental in the development of multiple flagship products for various enterprises, including The Savo Group, IHS, Dyadem, and MatrixOne. Sreenivas serves as CTO of Prorigo Software Pvt. Ltd. He served for five years as Lead Architect for Dyadem, and eight years in various engineering positions at Geometric Global. Sreenivas has vast experience in architecture and developing large complex enterprise systems with multiple frontends like web, mobile and desktop, along with backend systems that leverage both Java and .NET platforms. He has expertise in architecting enterprise products developed for SaaS offerings, and deep knowledge of Microsoft Azure, AWS platforms. He also has expertise in CAD, PLM, ERM, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and Enterprise Integration. Sreenivas is a certified MCPD Web Developer.


As corporate advisor and co-founder, Surendra helps Calxtechnology with ensuring it stays true to its mission and vision. Surendra also serves as the CEO of Prorigo Software Pvt. Ltd. Surendra has more than 18 years of experience in enterprise software development in various roles such as, Software Architect, Engineering Manager, Practice Head for PLM Technology, and has played a key role in development of large enterprise software products, and also in successful implementations in large enterprises. Before founding Prorigo, Surendra held various roles, including senior management in Geometric Ltd and its subsidiaries.


Vinay is responsible for engineering management of the SlideWeaver application. He has been instrumental in the development of the product right from its inception, and works closely with all the stakeholders to translate the overall product vision into production worthy software, utilizing innovative Agile techniques. Vinay has over eight years experience in enterprise software development and loves being hands on while managing a team of developers and QA engineers. Vinay’s technology expertise includes Microsoft ASP.NET, browser based frontend technologies, and Salesforce application development.