We believe value is realized when presentations are embedded within sources systems. We believe presentation content should update with realtime data on any device as part of every enterprise system.

At Calxtechnology we are building and pioneering embed productivity tools that can seamlessly be part of any Open enterprise system.

Utilizing our applications users focus on understanding what the data, relationships and content within their systems are telling them rather than spending their time trying to massage, and limit that data into static pretty illustrations that become obsolete as fast as they are created.

We are focusing initially on providing our capabilities within SalesForce natively, but working our roadmap to provide the same capabilities natively to other CRM, PLM, ERP, or Auditing systems.

Presentations Future needs to be

21st century decision making requires moving at the speed of business. It requires accuracy, intelligence and insight. The current status quo for Presentation tools is obsolete and doesn’t address today’s business needs.

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