SlideWeaver provides a distinctive way to create and present and communicate ideas, data, and status utilizing your content, web content, and Salesforce content and data thru a Dynamic interface.

SliderWeaver boasts an impressive feature set that is continuously evolving, yet simple and easy to use. Below is a sample list of SlideWeaver's features:

Admin & Infrastructure

  • Natively Built on Salesforce App Cloud. Security, Scalability
  • 100% HTML5 Web Application
  • Integrated natively into Salesforce
  • Supports standard and custom Salesforce objects
  • Supports Salesforce Classic, Salesforce1, and Ligthning
  • No third party presentation apps, players or plugin needed
  • Available on Salesforce1 on iOS or Android
  • Setup/installs easily in minutes
  • No ongoing or special Administration needed
  • Salesforce Managed AppExchange Application
  • Built in Analytics and Dashboards
  • Local, Salesforce, Web data usage

Powerful General Features

  • Flexible and Configurable to users needs
  • Non-linear presentations
  • Multi-directional Presentation traversal
  • Edit, Create, Copy, Run Presentations on Web or Mobile within Salesforce
  • Offline Presentation replay
  • Vast array of fonts, colors, shapes
  • Embedded multi-media support
  • Text, Circle Text, Dynamic Text, Image, Video, Banners, Bullet-ed Lists, and Configurable Backgrounds
  • Tables, Charts, Lines, Shapes …etc
  • Full suite of Animation
  • PowerPoint slide import
  • Image editing

Unique Dynamic Features

  • Support Salesforce's User, Organization, Object and Related Lists Variables
  • Dynamic/Realtime timeline widgets
  • Dynamic/Realtime tables
  • Dynamic/Realtime Charts
  • Dynamic/Realtime Maps and Addresses
  • Dynamic/Realtime Pivot tables
  • Dynamic/Realtime relationship Hierarchy Graphs
  • Interact with slides and data at Runtime
  • Slide-in-slide Advanced features
  • Dynamic Data Updates
  • Automatic translation multi-language support
  • 3D transformation and Zoom Path

Share Features

  • Share internally within Salesforce forces
  • Share with External Users without Salesforce License
  • Track External Usage
  • Track Internal Usage
  • Share time Expiration and revocation
  • Overview Modes and Navigation
  • Offline Access

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