We engineered SlideWeaver as a tool focused on helping you create data rich real-time advanced presentations. Its flexibility, features and versatility enables you to innovate and help accelerate your business.

Productivity and Efficiency Drain of Current Approaches

Current Tools are cumbersome and provide stale, limited, inaccurate picture unsuitable for today’s decision making needs.

Unfortunately Leaders make critical decisions while utilizing these tools. Legacy presentation tools with their static, stale data that provides limited informational view are usually pretty graphics with limited substance and based on someone else’s view of what subset of information should be included. This leaves leaders with no ability to interact with and explore the detail or get the required transparency and accuracy needed.

Users & Managers need easy engaging ways to communicate and present status, ideas, and info based on up to the minute detail. There are literally thousands of uses for SlideWeaver for SalesForce.
Here are sample of few typical usage examples:

Use Case Examples:

Sales Dept/Manager/Person periodic Presentation updates of Accounts & Opportunities and Forecasts to Management & Relationships between them.

Sales professionals including Account Executives, Managers, Senior Execs and Sales Ops are tasked on regular basis to provide updates on their accounts, opportunities, forecasts along with explaining the stage, history and status and the dynamics of their accounts and sales strategy. This happens especially during Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) and on Forecast Calls. With SlideWeaver you create the above presentation ONCE based on the data and objects in Salesforce. SlideWeaver will make sure it is always accurate and up to the minute with updated graphs, charts, tables, reports, content …etc. People provided access to the Presentation will be able to interact, navigate and explore the presentation in an interactive dynamic modern fashion.

All interactions with any SlideWeaver presentation is recorded in the system along with detailed out of box analytics.

Sharing Marketing Trends and Pipeline

Salesforce provides a wealth of information relating to customers, campaigns, opportunities, leads and the progression of those thru your sales process. Organizations spend enormous amounts of time and resources collecting this information and trying to present it and share to help drive the marketing strategy and create the appropriate demand funnels to drive revenue. SlideWeaver allows organizations to effectively and visually present and share the intelligence, relationships and data related to these marketing efforts in a manner that is informative and effective with real-time navigation and update. The above will result in reduction of duplication, better alignment across the organization especially with Sales and Sales Ops, improved accuracy, better demand generation and focus and execution.

Reporting On Services Projects and Support Cases Status

SlideWeaver real-time capabilities provides you with the ability to continuously have a real-time glimpse of the status of your projects, the customers they are affecting and the type of engagements, interactions and relationship you have with your customers. You can explore how the above is linked with your ongoing sales efforts at these customers and always be ready to take the appropriate action to improve your execution. Utilizing the above capabilities in easy to understand and visualize presentations that updates in real-time will help ensure that the various parts of your organization are always up to date and in sync with other parts.

Topic Training & Product Announcements, Roadmaps

With SlideWeaver you can create beautiful and effective presentation that you can link to data in salesforce, web content, or local files, reports…etc all with full multi-media support, and advanced intelligent widgets in minutes. You can then provide the above thru Sharing rules and permissions to different parts of your organizational hierarchy and capture information on that usage. All data linked into these presentation will be updated automatically as source are updated. All the above can be done easily and updated over time in minute.

For example product managers can use the above to create and update roadmaps on-the-fly easily and in less time than using a template, spreadsheet or PowerPoint. You can also create product briefs and presentations to share with Sales Teams and Customer Support and Marketing or anyone in your organization who utilize Salesforce.

Other examples include HR, IT , Marketing or Corporate Learning using SlideWeaver to create training or informative presentations about a policy or a topic to share across the organization and update periodically easily and automatically.

Another example includes Sales, or Marketing departments using SlideWeaver to create engaging real-time presentations showing the latest customer wins or field achievement based on real-time data feeds from Salesforce to drive team morale or enthusiasm in the organization. The possibilities are endless, your imagination is the limit.

Sharing SFDC Information with Non-SFDC users and tracking their engagement with it

Sharing salesforce information or data with external users who do not have a Salesforce license is extremely difficult or cumbersome at best. Of Course you can try to create custom solutions utilizing Salesforce Sites or integrations with file sharing tools, but all of those solutions are clunky, inflexible, and expensive to create and maintain, and require major customization, and not to mention suffer from major end user usability issues. On top of the above, users require intelligence and detail on what actions were performed on the data shared with these outside users and individual.

Practical examples of the above include a Support Person sharing a product presentation or data about support tickets with a customer. A Sales person sharing details from Salesforce with a customer or prospect, or a marketing campaign SlideWeaver presentation sent to prospects and leads…etc.

SlideWeaver solves the above problems with easy to use out of the box capabilities. With a couple of clicks any SlideWeaver presentation in Salesforce can be Shared and tracked externally with appropriate security and expiration capabilities. External users don’t require a Salesforce license and can access those presentations and interact with them from any browser or mobile device.

Transparent Investor /Management Pitches

“Sorry I don’t have the data, can I get back to you?” Or “Sorry, this Forecast data is from Friday and doesn’t reflect the deals or pipeline from this weekend and earlier today!”

We bet you encountered the above situation many times. These are all typical situations you encounter with legacy presentation tools such as Powerpoint, Prezi ….etc and they have unforeseen consequences on your pitch and story. SlideWeaver presentations that are tied to the appropriate data and objects in Salesforce will update automatically to avoid these embarrassing situations and depending on how you structure them you can provide intelligent navigation and exploration of all the data on-demand during the presentation to enable you to answer the tough questions and to help everyone in achieving a more transparent, balanced and accurate decision making.